Review – “Goodbye Something” – Walrus

reviewed by Jack Derricourt


What do you call one Walrus plus another? Walrus plural? Walruses? Walrii?

Thankfully, we only have to deal with one (collective) furry mammal in this conversation: Walrus, the rockers from Halifax, have put together a little treat for the world. It’s called Goodbye Something, it’s four tracks long, and it’s a far cry from a nearer shore.

The tracks are psychedelic in spirit, if not in construction. The emphasis is on fun. Feel the chill zone of “Wearing It, peer into the two minute trip of “Fur Skin Coat,” but don’t stray too far — there’s adventures waiting outside the album, or, as Joe Strummer once said, “People have stuff to do.”

Production-wise the EP is pretty straightforward. Vocals and guitars to the front. Effects, meet drums, drums, effects. I think those two are really going to hit it off. To be honest, I wouldn’t expect this kind of polish out of Halifax. Guess I must be getting judgemental in my old age. Or maybe it’s the decaf chai. Either way, the EP is humming with 80s neo-psych — something to be heard on a heath somewhere in the middle of England. But I’ll gladly crank it in my Toronto sweat lodge this summer. It’ll scare away the cicada!

For me, “Feels” takes the cake on the EP. It’s got that ranting at the daylight in a pile of newspaper approach to vocal delivery. And maybe it’s just because I heard them over brunch yesterday, but The Stone Roses rise up out of the Halifax mulch of the track, promising me adoration and sea salt secrets. Psych’s like that I guess, when it’s played just right.

This is a short sample of what Walrus is all about. If you like heavy drums, dripping with ectoplasmic effects, vocals drifting through time zones of sense, and guitars that can’t pick a decade (because why would you man?), then you should pick up Goodbye to Something, spin it around your mind, and let it work the magic.

Top Track: “Feels”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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