Review – “[sic]” – Pavel

a3109363068_10reviewed by Cissy Suen

The debut, self-released album from Alex Cooper of Vancouver, BC’s  duo Mesa Luno is a whirlwind of lo-fi opaque vocals to jazzy drum beats. From the dreamy ‘Laziness or Fear’ to the carnival feeling ‘Alright’, each track features an interesting beat as Cooper experiments with tribal to bubble gum synth sounds, all to a subtle bass.

Each track is like a story. On “Eels Sigh (God So Much)”, an interesting paradox between a dark revolving baseline and the lighter spacey sounds, creates a musical play between heaven and hell. Cooper’s vocals on the track resemble an ode, a hymn, between both worlds. True to its title, “Still” takes you underwater as it whispers droplets of acoustics, shimmers, and mummers in your ear. There’s also no such place as “Synecdoche, BC” but perhaps the track is Cooper’s way of thanking his roots as synecdoche is a term that refers to a part of a whole.

It’s quite unique from Mesa Luna’s music which shares the electronic elements, but instead has a stronger focus on lyrical vocals. Pavel seems to be Cooper’s musical release to experiment and express feelings lyrics can’t: “It is simply a pseudonym that I’ve taken on to, perhaps paradoxically, reveal a truer more vulnerable self… Pavel has the bravado to do so that I don’t.”

The album will take you on a chill ride to a whole other universe — I hope you enjoy the dive in.

Top Tracks: “Eels Sigh (God So Much)”; “JJ”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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