Behind the Hoots: May


“Pool” – Cab Named Creekex (Lyrics by Maxence Debacker)

And I’m writing you songs, well, I try
And it keeps me from thinking of your eyes. 

To celebrate turning 30, Montreal musician Maxence Debacker (Cab Named Creekex) has decided to write a song every week for the next 52 weeks. Earlier this month, he released his first track, a hushed sad-sack folk tune entitled “Pool.” In the song we find Debacker (or his narrator) at a bar describing his fellow patrons – a man playing pool, a girl crying by the jukebox – before he turns to himself, “And I’m here sitting at the bar and I’m writing you songs, well, I try, and it keeps me from thinking of your eyes.”

As grief fills every quiet word delivered by Debacker and you realize that his efforts are futile, this moment in the song is such a punch in the gut. You can practically hear the scratching of his pen as he’s bellied up to the bar hoping the beer and the lives of other people will take him away from his own.

– Laura Stanley

“He’s My Muse” – Towanda (Lyrics by Towanda)

He’ll never know: the rainbow of betrayals, 
the embellishments and the lies, the stretching of the holy truth. 
There goes my muse: sunshine boy, sex bomb.

Unusual perhaps, but this month I found lyrical inspiration in the abrasive, hard-hitting sounds of the punk/post-punk group Towanda. At first blush “He’s My Muse” is a simple statement of how much the female character adores her boyfriend. However, it becomes abundantly clear that she is actually enamoured with her projection of all the things she wished he was. The hapless boyfriend is seemingly oblivious to this. When she refers to him as her “muse” we the listener understand that the true source of her inspiration is internal – it has nothing to do with the actual boyfriend at all.

This general viewpoint is not something new. Many women have objected to their artist/lovers calling them their “muse”. Fact is, the woman herself, as a very precious individual human being, is not the source of the artist’s muse at all – it is his personal idealization of what the perfect woman should be. It’s objectifying and demeaning. To see this notion stood on its head through gender reversal is frankly refreshing.

– Mark Anthony Brennan

“Body” – Code Pie

Used to be something special, just another lick of the Popsicle.

I’ll go over my intense love for this band in a full review of their new EP, but “Body” is a great start to the EP, reverberating with a Stills-esque vibe. It’s clear that something big has soured; the first lines are “Used to be something special, now it’s just a trip to the hospital.” The quoted lines are the final lines of the song as it fades out, and while licking a Popsicle is refreshing, as a metaphor for the expired relationship it might just be too much of a good thing. Not even an Itzakadoozie can be amazing forever.

Michael Thomas

“Cold To The Touch” – RALPH (Lyrics by Raffa Weyman)
If you keep on swimming in these waters, you’re going to drown
This line is a perfect metaphor for the sugary pop song that sings about the imbalance that can occur in a casual fling where one person falls in love. For once, this isn’t sung by the heartbroken person who wants more, but rather the one who’s just in it for fun and the breaker of hearts.

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