Review – “EP” – Tuesday in Japan!

reviewed by Jack Derricourt

Tuesday in Japan!

The earth eats up the chance of immortality. We’re gripped tightly within a limited life, but someone, every once in a while, demands a better deal. Vancouver’s retro electronic denizens Tuesday in Japan! find the halfway mark on their newest EP — they’re ready to demand/ask “Can I Please Live Forever..?” There’s no answer, of course, but while you ponder, there are beats and retro, chill melodies to enjoy through the course of the asking.

There’s a distinct world being brought to life by these recordings. Tones, sure, atmosphere, yes, but it feels more tangible at times, like concrete scenery is being set up before the track begins, and then quietly removed to some other location after the music is over. Maybe it’s the plundercore quality of these video game noises — retro in nature, the music hearkens back to imaginary locales bred into the mind of millions over generations of passive intake. “Wondering What You Think of Me” is stocked with murky and flowering synthesizers that play over top of classic drum machine rhythms. They feel like a ride through the Tron twilight in your mind’s eye.

“Alone at the Sushi Bar” was easily my favourite track from the offering on EP. The song plays like an arcade game of solemnity. Player One shrugs over gyoza, thinking about the ghost of a high score. The drum machine toggles rapidly between distorted snare hits, plundered upbeat accents, and something like a triangle. Meanwhile, fateful, gong-like synth hits clang on with doom. Some sushi bar. I bet they have great, cheap beer.

This sort of electronic music isn’t my first cup of tea in the morning, but it might be my second cup of coffee in the afternoon. Tuesday in Japan! know what they’re about — retro synth, artificial drums, and quirky noisemakers — and they do those flavours justice on EP.

Top Track: “Alone at the Sushi Bar”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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