Review – “Falling” – Totemic

reviewed by Anna AlgerScreen Shot 2016-05-24 at 4.32.56 PM

High energy beats are paired with more downtempo, traditional instruments on Totemic’s latest release, the Falling EP. The Torontonian has been honing his skills at numerous eastern Canadian festivals, such as Harvest, All Stars, OM, and Solstice.

The title track bursts with sound immediately, challenging listeners to keep up with its intricate beats and understated synthesizers. Ominous strings introduce “Static Blitz,” a choppy yet grounded meditation. Warm synths punctuate the sound, as it settles into a drum and bass groove. These songs cause the listener to question what will come next, as a variety of inflections break up the rhythms.

“Devil’s Heart” sounds vaguely confused, spurts of bass interrupted with an onslaught of drum tracks. It’s airy and sinister synthesizers are the most comforting element of the track, while listeners question it’s direction. “Endless Dream” begins with a loop that sounds like it was taken from Björk’s Biophilia – a pleasant surprise. Insistent beats keep the song in a kind of urgent, yet suspended, animation, while haunting violin lines add depth and emotion.

Totemic sends listeners into a rhythmic trance on Falling, but it is one that could be more engaging. His experiments in sound show the desire and ability to grow and reach more audiences, which may mean streamlining his music.

Top Track: “Endless Dream”

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)

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