Review – “False Spring” – Crossed Wires

a2038906253_10reviewed by Laura Stanley

When it snows after a substantial stretch of warm weather, you are consumed by bitterness. For a brief moment you were promised something better than the cold and dark winter, and all its related emotions, and you were hopeful for the future. But then it was taken away and you’re left wondering how to carry on.

The latest release from Crossed Wires, False Spring, is an eye roll to false promises – whether it be those from mother nature, the town you live in, or from a person. The Halifax trio unleash their frustrations in four scrappy tracks that charge down the main throughway of any town they’re played in and shout at everyone passing by.

The caustic opener “S.A.D.” feels anthemic for anyone who has ever felt suffocated by the city or town they live in. Those who’ve dived inside a store to avoid seeing their ex-lover or crossed the street to avoid someone they went to high school with will smile, despite the infuriation that backs Heather Grant’s words, at the line “I’m tired of running into everyone I never want to see. This town’s not big enough for me.” Closer “New Year” also treads on feeling claustrophobic in your town, a feeling that’s only heightened by cold weather. Unlike the griminess of “S.A.D.” though, “New Year” has a more playful pop-punk sound that illuminates the eagerness of the line, “I want a chance to start all over.”

In between these two tracks, we’re given the (redacted) story of the person or people that add to these feelings of suffocation. “Cornered” is a panicked outburst fuelled by hatred for a scumbag that still lives on in Grant’s brain while the menacing “Jinx” curses a scumbag (whether it’s the same one is unclear but they are Scum nevertheless) for the path of destruction they leave behind. 

False Spring is like the first flower of spring; it’s covered in dirty snow and last year’s garbage but it’s determined to bloom. And it’s beautiful.

Bonus points for such rad album art by Elyse Moir!

Top Track: “S.A.D.”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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