Audible/Visual Hoots: LUKA, Matt Holubowsk, River Tiber & more

Jaunt Press Photo 2

Jaunt – “Gentle Reminder”

This smooth R&B-infused tune is the debut from this Toronto quintet and what a debut it is. Focused on the problems inherent with modern communication, it’s presented as an inner monologue, and with the breezy synths and dreamy vocals, it really feels like you’re inside of one person’s mind. Their upcoming EP, Chat, cannot come soon enough. –Michael Thomas

Skyote – “Why Strathcona”

Last year, Vancouver band Skyote impressed us with their rockin’ self-titled LP but the band evidently was not entirely satisfied with their finish product. They headed back into the studio to make their new self-titled EP which includes re-recorded versions of 3 older songs plus a new one,”Why Strathcona.” “Why Strathcona” has all the good, solid rock stuff we liked about Skyote’s LP with a little extra kick thanks to a spacey sounding keyboard that flies around the track.  – Laura Stanley

LUKA – “Why Don’t You Go To Her”

“This is a conversation between me and my heart,” LUKA says simply at the beginning of the song, and it sets the tone for a remarkably intimate-sounding song. With basic drums and crisp guitar, the song manages to blend summer vibes with LUKA’s innermost thoughts. We’re unabashed fans of this project and every new release makes as more and more excited for his upcoming album. –MT

Matt Holubowski – “The King”

“The King” marks a return for Matt Holubowski, a finalist on Quebec’s version of The Voice, who put out his debut LP back in 2014. Compared to the quiet folk sounds of his debut, “The King” is a playful, more rock-rooted track as Holubowski tells the story of “the king of the ancient towns” and all his faults. – LS

Rachel Elizabeth and Juniperus – “The Spendthrift and the Swallow”

Rachel Elizabeth, formerly known as Fern, is not only showcasing a new name, but a new focus of her music. Here she collaborates with Juniperus, who put out an amazing album based on Aesop’s fables with, you guessed it, another song based on a fable. The song grounds itself in soulful piano and strings as it tells the tale of the poor spendthrift, who makes his decisions to sell his possessions a bit too hastily.

Take a minute to also read this fantastic piece “What’s In A Name” about Rachel Elizabeth changing her name from Fern. –MT

Sylo Nozra – “Two Of Us” 

“I looked your way,  you noticed me and I knew,” sings Sylo Nozra in the opening line of “Two of Us.” And the rest, as they say, is history. “Two of Us” is a sexy, minimalistic r&b track all about love at first sight and the journey beyond the look that started it all. – LS

Reindeer – “Smoke”

When we last heard from Reindeer, the duo had pulled off a Gorillaz-esque, sci-fi-infused trip through electronica and pop. Now they’re back and seem to be as focused as possible on creating the biggest party they can in the space of three minutes. A thumping beat channels a chorus of “ooh oohs” and deep modded vocals into a hip-hop-flavoured tune you can groove to.  –MT

River Tiber – “Acid Test”

Toronto’s River Tiber aka Tommy Paxton-Beesley has been everywhere lately. He’s collaborated with BadBadNotGood and Daniel Caesar, he was on Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and most recently collaborated with KAYTRANADA’s on his fantastic 99.9%. Early this month, River Tiber announced that his new album Indigo is coming out June 24th and given his past work and this new track, we are so excited! The album’s lead single “Acid Test” is a smooth R&B trip with Paxton-Beesley’s dazzling falsetto dancing throughout. A must hear from an incredibly bright talent. – LS.

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