Review – “Warm Buds” – The Garrys

reviewed by Laura Stanleya2078599526_10

Saskatoon sisters Erica, Julie, and Lenore Maier, to borrow a phrase from their take on the Leiber & Stroller track ‘Three Cool Cats,” are Three Cool Chicks. As The Garrys (a homage to their dad Garry), the trio make mellow doo-wop inspired pop music ripe for those lazy summer dayz when you hang with your friends and time doesn’t matter.

The Garrys’ immediate draw is their harmonies. Genetics probably play a role in how naturally the trio’s voices melt together, further softening the already smooth sounds of Warm Buds. On the suggestive “Come On” (a Los Saicos cover) their collective voice is like a siren’s call as their sweetness completely overshadows any of the danger hidden in the track.

Warm Buds is like one long hazy trip but two tracks stand out amongst it all. With the guitar’s distortion turned up just a notch, “Druscilla” hints at a rougher side of The Garrys. The track struts along with a simple but groovy guitar riff while lyrically it’s a twisted and clever take on a Cinderella-like figure, Druscilla, who shouldn’t expect a prince charming anytime soon. The other standout is the fabulously soporific “In This Dream.” Here the voices of The Garrys are so airy and listless they will encourage you to take to heart the song’s opening line and “stay in bed all day.”

Some other things to do as inspired by Warm Buds:

  • Stay home and don’t go to the party (“Party for One”)
  • Eat numerous ice cream sandwiches (“Ice Cream Sandwich”)
  • Think about your crush (“Truey Bluey”)
  • Watch re-runs of The Brady Bunch (“George Glass”)

Top Tracks: “In This Dream”;”Druscilla”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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