Review – “Our Other Songs” – Yolks

reviewed by Jack Derricourt


“The Criminal Justice System is Broken” is the kind of song that comes along in the nick of time. Another springtime week in Canada of watching survivors being thrown under the bus in too many ways, and Vancouver’s Yolks drawling, “Fuck you/ Jian Go/ Fuck you/ Meshi Fuck you,” comes as a healthy tonic. That’s literally all the song has to say, the title providing the head to the heart of what’s going on in the two minutes or so of despondent guitars and rattling drums. It’s all out of order, and droning on like something’s broken at the heart of the rant. Sound familiar? Our Other Songs might be providing a relatively large segment of the population with an anthem.

Yolks make linear songs about interesting things: horoscopes, bodies, and Fuck Jian. All the kinds of themes that pop up when you’re sipping a cup of coffee in a Dale Cooper kind of way — come to think of it, Erica sings out and plays guitar like she’s leaving memos for Diane. And the recording has that hand-held tape recorder level of production as well.

There’s groove behind the simplicity here. Erica, Nellie, and Eleanor obviously believe in getting to the point and trying to stick to a good sound while they’re doing it. Do you like Jenny Lewis or Modern Lovers? You’re going to like this.

Oh, and listen to their other songs on last year’s Not Ur Bae Demos too, cause they’re great.

Top Track: “Body”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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