Review – “Lean Period” – LA ROSE

reviewed by Jack Derricourt

lean year

Whenever I hear the term ‘bedroom pop’ it always reminds me of that old Mitch Hedberg joke: “Anything can be a bedroom. This bedroom has a toilet in it.” Can’t the studio be a bedroom when you’re living, recording, and practically sleeping in it while making an album. Oh well.

Daniel Wilson, from renowned, summer deadbeats Prom, has cast a wide net of synthesizer sounds on this collection of solo, bedroom pop recordings. Working under the moniker of LA ROSE, Wilson has shaped various tidbits from the last couple of years into Lean Period. The seven tracks spiral moodily, usually hinting at heartache.

The sound of the release is pure, syrupy 80s. Synth drums, compressed bass lines, distant vocals whispering the death of stars originally brought into being by a certain radiant face, and guitars.

A couple of song-word associations:

“Find:” two minutes and thirty seconds in the waiting room to see a god, when you’ve already read every magazine and your phone is dead.

“Please:” deadpan, Britsh rain-core. Is that a thing? Is it recorded in a bedroom?

“We Try Our Best:” seriously close to my dream slow dance song to end the mother of all John Hughes meets The Jesus and Mary Chain movies.

The LA ROSE material is a pretty arrangement for Mr. Wilson. Everything I loved about Prom is present, in another iteration. If you like your music moody and chilllllllll, you’ll like this one.

Top Track: “We Try Our Best”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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