Premiere: Christa Couture – “That Little Part of My Heart”

Christa Couture
Christa Couture

“Don’t be afraid to be amazing. You are amazing,” sings Christa Couture in “That Little Part Of My Heart,” the first single from her album, out today, Long Time LeavingIt’s a piece of encouragement that everyone in the song’s very fun video takes to, well, heart.

Though the poker playing, cigarette smoking older gals front and centre of this video are initially mean to the outsider, their target, as Couture describes, “finds it in herself to take the lead” which eventually results in a dance party.

Couture tells us how the video, found below, came to be:

“This video was a labour of love; shot on a shoestring budget and made possible by casting Sean Springer’s (director, camera, editor) mom and her friends (as what I call my own personal Golden Girls), clearing out and filming in my bosses living room (the shots of her kitchen reveal a few of her family photos), and getting help from the producer’s (Maryanne McDonald) make-up artist sister. We almost never did a second take of any set up and there are definitely a few little “mishaps” that got caught for our ambitious one day shoot – to me, it’s part of the charm. We had so much fun making it.

It’s weird, funny, and ultimately about relationships and an “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” approach. Jaylene (who plays the hostess) kept the leopard print pants she loved them so much and I ate leftover cupcakes for days. Sean and Maryanne’s new production company is called “East Mountain Detective Agency” and I gave them free rein to run with their ideas in exchange for making it with few resources.”

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