Review – “Dehmos” – Villain Villain

villain villain reviewed by Chris Matei

Villain Villain hail from Abbotsford, B.C, and immediately show some DNA shared with another well-known four-piece with a talent for demented, hooky, surf-infused garage pop, namely the Pixies circa their scuzzy Purple Tape days (especially in Jaydee Bateman’s vocals.) Their sound throws psych-punk whorls of colour across a frizzed out Hot Hot Heat-ish background of lightly fuzzed guitars and energetic drumming in three upbeat cuts on this, their self-produced EP roughly named for a small Martian moon.

The band’s energy comes across in spades in this quick and dirty set, but the DIY production stylings do a disservice to the tracks’ potential – for instance, the chime and poppy shimmer of “Dry” beg for more depth and width. As “Twisting Fingers” began to spiral and space out, its delay-rich soundscape – which reminded this reviewer of Sean Lennon’s The Ghost of A Saber Tooth Tiger project – similarly craved a deeper, glossier coat of polish.

I look forward to seeing what Villain Villain can accomplish with greater focus, but there’s the bones of some solid, mold-warping alt-pop here.

Top Track: Twisting Fingers

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)

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