Audible/Visual Hoots: Akage No Anne, Coronado, Fog Lake, & more

Fog Lake
Fog Lake (Aaron Powell)

Coronado – “Take Time”

No strangers to the blog, Toronto’s Coronado are back with a slightly different sound, placing a bit more emphasis on guitar and less on electronics. “Take Time” features a catchy melody harkening back to golden age of Canadian indie-rock and the song really picks up steam as the group vocals come in toward the end. – Michael Thomas

Mookie Morris – “Someone Else”

Mookie Morris, former Canadian Idol contestant and frontman for the bands Mookie & The Loyalists, Mookie, and Shaking Hands, has decided to strike out on his own and “Someone Else” is our first taste of this new chapter. “Someone Else” is a scrappy, lo-fi, little track that swings along with a groovy and hazy pop vibe (particularly by the song’s end) that screams summertime. – Laura Stanley

Fog Lake – “Rattlesnake”

There’s a reason most discussion of Fog Lake is in reverent tones — Aaron Powell’s music is simply gorgeous. Case in point, “Rattlesnake” — the first single from an upcoming LP. What starts out as gently picked guitar and hushed vocals quickly jumps up in volume and forms its own little world before a static-y outro. The ideal soundtrack for the sun peaking out of an overcast sky and then sneaking back behind the clouds again. –MT

Akage No Anne – “Montreal (Keep Swinging)”

Toronto trio Akage No Anne (also the name of the anime series based on Anne of Green Gables!) keeps not only Montreal swinging but listeners everywhere doing the same with this number. “Montreal (Keep Swinging)” is a vibrant track that sparkles with sax sounds and a playful bass synth groove,  guaranteed to put you in a better mood. Special shout-out to our buds at Ride The Tempo for bringing our attention to this sweet one! – LS

The Bandicoots – “Could You Get Me To Tomorrow?”

Never have gangsters seemed so cute. The Bandicoots’ latest video, for the laid-back “Could You Get Me To Tomorrow?” stars Jenna Nicole and Kurtis Conner as they rise to riches but do fairly normal and fun stuff like play Mario Kart on N64 and play Connect Four. The slacker-rock love song seems to fit these two perfectly and I can only hope it leads to copious fan-fiction about this couple’s exploits. –MT

Tragedy Ann – “Tightrope”

Liv Cazzola (of The Lifers) and Braden Phelan prove that they are quite the double act in the folky-bluesy debut single from their new project Tragedy Ann. “Tightrope” begins and ends with a confident, jaunty beat, one that makes you believe the duo when they insist they are “keeping it cool.” But about halfway through the track, this confidence dissolves and the song briefly slows waaaay down and is filled by the circus-like sounds of laughter and an accordion. It’s an effect that’s both dizzying and captivating. – LS

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