Review – “Whatever Dad” – Gender Poutine

a2949402442_16reviewed by Laura Stanley

Gender Poutine (Noun)

  1. A very Canadian fuck off to the gender binary
  2. A fun Edmonton band whose music is cooked in that grease/oil/gas mix found on the  floor of a garage.

Gender Poutine’s Whatever Dad is grimy and as muddled as the mind of the lost, lethargic and frustrated souls running free in their EP. They want to love and be loved back. In the riotous opener “Gee I Wanna,” listeners take a trip around the world with Gender Poutine and “Chris G.” We hear about ladies from Iceland to Italy who, don’t worry nothing untoward happens or is even hinted at, just want to hold hands with Mr. G. This want of physical contact/lust/love carries over to the follow track “Cashier” – a track about a fantastical romance surrounding fried chicken and mini-golf –  where we find the band coming together to shout in desperation, “won’t you love me?

In the other two tracks, dangerously addicting lethargy rears its ugly head. “Wasting Time,” with some poppy backing “ooos” and quick-wrist delivered power chords, is a playful reflection on the fleetingness of time while EP highlight, “Loiter,” a quick one, under two minutes, but Gender Poutine stuff lots of their good stuff in it, embraces the cool kids’ apathetic attitude.

Hang out with your dad, throw on Gender Poutine and it eat up. Or not, whatever.

Top Track: “Loiter”

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)

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