Review – “Patience” – Georgian Bay

a0021073292_10reviewed by Laura Stanley

The world patience comes from the Latin verb “pati,” meaning to suffer. And that’s what having patience really is. It’s just a fancy, grown-up way of saying that you have to suffer before you can get what you want. Patience though, the sophomore album from Franco-Ontario band Georgian Bay, will by no means makes you suffer; in fact it does the opposite. It’s soft blend of folk, country, French, and English is tranquil. A calmness floats down from some place we are not privy to and covers the entire album and subsequently the listener. The suffering and pain that’s usually at the root of patience is gone and so too is your own torment.

Joëlle Westman and Kelly Lefaive (Georgian Bay) have purposely paced their sophomore album to achieve ideal sereneness. They put 30 second to one minute long instrumental breaks and field recordings between almost all of their 6 full-length tracks. Mother nature’s enchanting evening orchestra as heard in opener “Patience” naturally usher in the lonesome calls of “The Wolf” while the radio static of “Rêverie” steadies you for the following “Lullaby.” These are moments given to us to fully absorb what has been heard and to prepare for what’s to come.

True to its name, “Fantôme” is a wispy, chill inducing, stunning little number. “If I died, I’d be alright. I’d finally learn how to fly,” sings Westman, introducing the lyrics’ coming to terms with the frustrations of life and finding hope in the afterlife. Another highlight “The Rambler” is a delicate country offering. The Rambler in question is tired of sitting around and waiting and wants to spend time out in the country, to live free, and to be brave – a completely inspiring sentiment.

Find courage and relief in Georgian Bay’s Patience. 

Top Tracks: “Fantôme”; “The Rambler”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)


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