Review – “King Asteroid/Jagged Lips” – Bill Young

billreviewed by Jack Derricourt

Something stirs in the mind of Bill Young, from the chic, property enrichment mountain fortress of Vancouver, BC. Music, parts A and B. The two tracks on tap sit sullen and quaking like a pile of sulphur floating in False Creek.

“King Asteroid” is a desiccated prophecy, filled in with melancholy dreams. Crisp vocals, twisting and turning above the solid guitar work, make for straight listening. A tale of sci fi tones and last chances, played out with Young’s almost pleading notes. It all works seamlessly; and even though the track almost hits the five minute mark, it seems like short gasp of the “King.”

Part deux, “Jagged Lips,” is delivered with similar instrumentation. But Young’s vocals sour slightly, painting the ominous closeness of the title for his listeners. The speaker broadcasts the future of cannibal machinery, “chewing your memory,” the jagged lips of technologies yet to come, while the machine plays on, guitar strings plucked and electronic components twerking delicately for the satisfaction of all listeners.

Darkness can’t come quicker than this. Two tracks that promise a complicated shadow descending from the mind; a guitar plucked spryly to deliver the message; a voice worth noting, pouring words with profusion. There may be a World War Three some day, but not yet. Just remember, in those days of social winter and dying light, the warning came from the jagged lips of Bill Young.

Top Track: Both of ’em

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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