Audible Hoots: Winona Forever, Les Louanges, Closely & more

Winona Forever

“Le Mercure” – Les Louanges

Les Louanges (Vincent Roberge) has cooked up a sizzling one with “Le Mercure,” sure to melt any of that dirty lingering snow you may have in your town. From his EP out today, “Le Mercure” rises the temperature and slides along with a smooth ‘n sexy bassline groove. – Laura Stanley

“Empty” – Closely

There’s a lot to groove to in the debut single from Toronto trio Closely. Rolling waves of synths, falsetto and catchy guitar makes “Empty” nothing short of irresistible, and it does it in a tightly controlled way. Not a note out of place. – Michael Thomas

“#1 Summer Hit To Grind To” – Winona Forever

Last year, Vancouver’s Winona Forever put out a very relatable gem of an EP in Yacht Rock and now have graced us with a new jam for the warmer months that they guarantee is the “#1 Summer Hit To Grind To.” In a hazy pop style, “#1 Summer Hit To Grind To” is less about sexy dancing and more about smoking weed and trying to have fun despite your self-hatred. If those are your summer plans, this is a perfect track for your summer daze. – LS

“Night Waves” – Seaborne

It’s clearly been a good month for debuts from electronic outfits. Seaborne splash onto the scene with “Night Waves” and there’s so much going on here that it’ll take you another listen to fully absorb. At first, it sounds remarkably dense, as though the music is smothering you. As it progresses, Maryse Bernard’s clear vocals pull it out of the deep waters. As it moves into the chorus, the production goes into overdrive, full of careful percussion, horn sounds and a lot more. It’s a treat. -MS

“The Infidelity of Language” – Steve Benjamins

After releasing his EP Sightlines in 2015 and the single “Restless Wind” earlier this year, Steve Benjamins keeps on rolling out the hits. His latest, “The Infidelity of Language,” is a slick meditation on how, as Benjamins describes, “love is passed between us in channels that flow deeper than words.” – LS


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