Review – “Out and In” – The Lifers

a3015387883_16reviewed by Laura Stanley

Guelph sisters Anita and Elivia Cazzola (The Lifers) sing of the very stuff of life. In their beautiful debut LP Out and In, the Cazzola sisters catalogue the splendours of the world, praise its beauty, and surrender to its powers. They “Listen to the Rain” as it falls to earth and makes it shimmer, they look to “The Moon and The Stars” to feel steady, and know home is amongst rivers and stones and birds in trees.

Appropriately, to record the album the sisters surrounded themselves with nature and went to their family cottage, explaining, “the warmth and coziness of the log cabin on Colpoys Bay [on Georgian Bay] was an essential element to the production of this album.” The pastoral paeans are amplified by The Lifers’ organic folk style, one that’s made from various guitars, mandolin, ukulele, cello, violin, (so much more!) and an array of voices thanks to the album’s additional personnel.

Throughout Out and In, this warmth radiates in the many moods of the album: “Three Sheets To The Wind” matches the playfulness of its title, “I’ve Got You” and “Collided” are more sinister and bluesy, while “Blue Tattered Shoes” is shy and uncertain. The aforementioned “Listen To The Rain” (complete with background sound of rain) is a delicate stream of the sisters’ stunning harmonization and “This Is Where I Feel At Home” finds them determined to lay down roots and attain comfort in the chaotic world.

As Spring slowly springs, The Lifers reminds us to stop, watch, and listen to the world awake from slumber and celebrate.

Top Tracks: “Listen to the Rain”; “This Is Where I Feel At Home”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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