Audible/Visual Hoots: The Weather Station, Benjamin Muñoz, Yes We Mystic & more

Yes We Mystic
Yes We Mystic

“Floodplain” – The Weather Station

As winter finally begins to melt away, it seems only appropriate that The Weather Station release a video for her Spring-ready track “Floodplain”. The video is split between shots of a pensive Tamara Lindeman (The Weather Station) looking into the camera or off into the distance and of her partner (Ian Kehoe) exploring and relaxing in a warmer climate. It’s a beautiful visual treatment of the song’s musings on the individual-ness and togetherness of falling in love. – Laura Stanley

“Anchors” – Benjamin Muñoz

Though Muñoz was once a part of the now-defunct New Hands, you should go into his first single with entirely different expectations. Drawing from his love of Japanese culture (especially Samurai Champloo), this song heavy electronic beats drive listeners into a strange new world, much like the work of Caribou (in fact, the main vocals are eerily reminiscent of Dan Snaith). It’s a great first statement and further evidence that Hamilton is becoming an electronic powerhouse. –Michael Thomas

“Live Inside Your Love” – Triangle & Seed

Scarborough arts collective Triangle & Seed have returned for the second instalment in their ongoing series of narrative music videos. Preceded by “Stay For Love,” “Live Inside Your Love,” pairs Kevin Ramroop’s smooth R&B sounds, a style that we have praised before, with filmmaker Sampreeth Rao’s pastoral-set narrative of a man daydreaming his involvement in a relationship.  – LS

“Monarch” – Friends of Foes

The Saskatchewan band is treading into a more mature pop sound with their Monarch EP. The title track features careful, measured guitar and some great emotional vocals from Celeste Nicholson. The video features live footage of the band to bring a bit more energy to the proceedings. –MT

“No Harm” – Yes We Mystic

We’ve been buzzing since last year over the pending full-length from Winnipeg’s Yes We Mystic. This buzz has gotten substantially louder thanks to  “No Harm,” the first single from their LP – out April 29th – Forgiver. “No Harm” is an energetic trip that shakes and swings listeners all over the place, taking you up and down the queasy hills of fear and fun. Get ready for a hell of an album! – LS

“How Now” – Snowblink

There is little news better than “new Snowblink music” and here we are—their first new single in some time. Playing off of deep synths, Daniela Gesundheit’s gorgeous, expressive vocals continue to prove why this band is so special as a “devotional non-denominational” pop band. The splashes of guitar and horns make this even better and makes us eagerly await a new album. –MT

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