Review – “Heavy Moon 5” – Heavy Moon

heavy moonreviewed by Jack Derricourt

Yes, that is the most epic album art you’ve probably seen come out of Toronto. Yes, the album really sounds just like the art depicts it: kaleidoscopic space voyages through the twisting totem poles of the mind: Heavy Moon baby, yeaaaaaaaaaaah.

I picked the fifth instalment of Mr. Jakob Rehlinger’s Heavy Moon retrospective MoonMonday re-release festivities because it’s a nice, unholy number the number five. The tunes carry that certain fog of satanic gloom with them, I feel. I just hope that Heavy Moon 7, the soon-to-be-released follow up, contains some similar layers of evil, along with the common elements of fuzz rock and space pebbles found throughout the HM oeuvre.

Number 5 originated in the dank basement of 2012 — not that you can tell from the stellar production. All the pieces are stripped down jams, flexing with muscular echo and delay; but everything is just mixed so damn well you could believe you were standing front and centre in a concert hall, the sound bath enveloping you. I’m not exaggerating. There’s the perfect amount of depth and closeness in these recordings.

I wanted to say something intelligent about the quirky drift of “Black Dragon,” I wanted to wax knowledgeably poetic about the 60s influence mashup that is “Floyd’s Barracuda,” and the snide guitar slopes of “Lizard Wizard;” but I can’t be smart when it comes to music that is so gutsy and keenly kicking. Heavy Moon is everything it claims to be: heavy, space, fuzz, and jammy as all sin. There’s not much more convincing needed, to be honest.

I’m excited for the next MoonMonday release, and then of course the inevitable and timely Number 7. But this album, re-blossomed for 2016 release is incredibly original and sweet to listen to. Unless your mind is switched off to the music of the inebriated spheres, I think you’re going to like it.

Top Track: “Floyd’s Barracuda”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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