Review – “Disasterpiece” – Sleepwreck

Disasterpiece Album Artreviewed by Anna Alger

Bright synths introduce listeners to the sound of Sleepwreck, breaking through with his new EP, Disasterpiece, and his upcoming performance at Canadian Music Week. Sleepwreck, also known as Jesse Davis Selkirk, is a native of Saskatoon who is now based in Vancouver, having found a welcoming audience in British Columbia early on when he performed as Sleepwreck for the first time at last year’s Shambhala Festival.

The stop-start rhythm of “Moment of Truth” flows with introspective guitar lines, warm synths, and a range of percussive textures. The song hits its stride around 3 minutes in, when the rhythms coalesce into a steady, layered bop of electronica. While the music can feel a little too jerky at times, Sleepwreck utilizes a variety of different sounds to keep listeners engaged. “Makes The Sugar Sweeter” is full of curious beeps and bloops, but also features acoustic guitar, creating a juxtaposition between traditional and futuristic instrumentation.

Most of “Take It Apart” feels one-note, but there are some rhythmic variations towards the end of the track that liven it up. The EP ends with the title track, featuring a gurgling introduction with muted vocals. Haunting guitar and ominous synths move the song forward, as it morphs into a electronic stomp.

Disasterpiece mixes traditional rock instruments with a plethora of synths, samples, and distortion, creating a unique blend of multiple genres. This isn’t traditional electronic music; it challenges listeners to keep up with the twists and turns of varying instrumentation and rhythms. Sleepwreck has created a highly textured, intriguing EP – anything but a disaster.

Top Track: “Moment of Truth”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)


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