Review – “All My Darlings” – Switches

a1237754713_16reviewed by Laura Stanley

Edmonton firecrackers Switches have temporarily come out of hibernation (one that’s for a good cause though as lead guitarist and vocalist Tara McMahon is pursuing her master’s of social work) bearing a gift – their new EP All My Darlings. Though darker than their very fun 2014 record I Just WannaAll My Darlings shakes with the same gritty pop-punk vivacity that made I Just Wanna shine bright and is a great little addition to their catalogue.

As I wrote back in December, opener “Spinning Out” is three-ish minutes of whirling chaos that glistens with some slick organ work and McMahon’s consistently compelling yawp. The following track “Empty Ways,” jumps and jives with power chords, determination to figure out (or better yet shake off) the hot/cold lover in focus. Like its predecessors, EP highlight “Sex Cult Leader” (“if you want to mess around give him a call anytime you’re around”) is a wild ride and a delicious display of garage-rock but with about 15 seconds left, “Sex Cult Leader” goes completely off the rails. With Marlaena Moore on lead vocals, Switches go into a whirlwind and it’s hard not to be sucked into their vortex of gnarly punk rocking.

To unwind from the aforementioned chaos, Switches close their EP with the more lead-footed “Remember (Walking in the Sand),” a cover of a George Morton tune. It’s a nostalgic but very bitter song that Switches pull off quite well while also showing that the band can pack up and bring their attitude to other sonic styles as well.

Switch off the world and tap into the energy of Switches’ All My Darlings.

Top Track: “Sex Cult Leader”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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