Review – “EP 3” – Shukov

a3535714296_16reviewed by Chris Matei

On his third eponymous/untitled EP, Edomonton’s Shukov – a.k.a Tim Biziaev – fashions sweet, melodic riffs that tug at classic, sun-bleached emotional locales. “Walk Backwards” is a slice of Nada Surf-esque indie pop, while “Bringing Sticks Home” offers a smeared, pitch-bent slow jam  with the tape speed lodged somewhere disquietingly between shoegaze and jangle. Closer “Breakfast,” with its charmingly poky melodies and twangy guitar undercurrent, is perhaps the highlight of this short collection – ringing chords and plaintive vocals steer the track in a Smiths direction – minus the nihlism, with appealingly literal lyrics backing it all up.

This EP is decidedly lo-fi in nature, and it’s often a bit tough to decipher Biziaev’s vocal musings – especially through the thick, delayed guitar textures – but the hazy take on indie pop and languid, light arrangements benefit from shedding any semblance of a squeaky clean production aesthetic. It won’t do your hi-fi speakers any favours, but it will probably sound pretty darn good emanating out of an old boombox on a somewhat strange day – maybe one with variable sun and mixed clouds.

Top Track: “Breakfast”

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)

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