Review – “Mental Fitness” – Warm Amps

warmreviewed by Jack Derricourt

Four dudes from Mission, BC can make some pretty killer tunes. Mental Fitness by Warm Amps is my kind of skywriting: psychedelic, warm alternative music capable of staving off the non-fun -25 weather. So if you’re not into dunk competitions (I know, I’m a killjoy) listen up.

The recordings, brewed at Racoon Studio, Abbotsford (which according to my fast-paced googling is either a Milanese art co-operative or a treehouse air bnb), sound crisply layered; the retro synth sounds, basic drum grooves, and dreamy guitar lines all sit pretty within the mix, spread out whole and handsome. It would be inappropriate for a band called Warm Amps not to sound like they were playing out of furry, purring tubes, and, appropriately, the vintage tone does wash up all over each of the four songs on offer.

The trip skip quickly — from opener “Yawning/Party,” which subsumes the initial guitar melodies with chords and rhythmic work fit to skewer debutantes with, to the acid haze of “Cool Dreamn,” before pouring the emotional champagne bottle on its head with burnout dynamite track “Breaking Time.” I like it all honestly. The songs are quietly deranged, hinting at Barrett-esque musical paintings, but without pushing things into heavy-handed territory.

“The past does not exist,” insists Mental Fitness. The four dudes from Mission are looking ahead, and if the future holds more like these four stellar tracks, I can understand wanting to kill history. Bring on the revolution!

Top Track: “Cool Dreamn”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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