Audible/Visual Hoots: Animalia, FINN, Nicholas Krgovich & more

FINN (Photo via FB)
FINN (Photo via FB)

“Godsend” – FINN

The first single from FINN’s forthcoming record is a delicious combination of what makes indie-rock POP: A playful blend of voices (with a few HEY!s thrown in there for good measure), a moveable guitar and bass groove, and a catchy but simple chorus. For added bonus bitterness there’s a cocky, almost mocking, scattered repetition of the line “ain’t you so pretty?” Eat it up. – Laura Stanley

“Paradise” – Animalia

Animalia’s music has always been very weighty, but the raw emotion behind the latest single from (dissonance) makes this perhaps her heaviest song yet. Written in reflection of the numerous young people losing their lives at the hands of gun violence, the spare piano and emotional vocals help keep poignant Animalia’s lyrics about the senselessness of it all. Eventually, it gets even heavier as a spaceship’s worth of synths and effects descend on the melody. –Michael Thomas

“Sunset Tower” – Nicholas Krgovich

Vancouver pop master Nicholas Krgovich will complete his LA-inspired album trilogy, proceeded by 2015’s On Cahuenga and 2014’s On Sunset, March 4th with the release of The Hills. “Sunset Tower,” the latest track to be released from The Hills, is a soulful waltz topped off by Krgovich showing off his seriously skilled vocal chops towards the end of the track. In its visually pleasing accompanying video, Krgovich is tucked behind the shadows of an LA sunset, sneaking in a few dance moves to let you know the ones you’re inevitable making are okay. – LS

“No Salesman” – Jordan Klassen

Cards on the table, I’ve been a huge fan of Klassen’s for some time, and the second single from his upcoming album, Javelin, is further proof that he’s one to watch. Though Klassen has eschewed some of the twinkling folk sounds of Repentance, “No Salesman” is just as magical. Finger-picked guitar gives way to glittering synths and Klassen’s falsetto makes “I love you more” sound like a sentiment free of any artifice whatsoever. –MT

“Ooh Ah Oh Wow” – Tough Age

Part of what would have apparently been called the Bubblegum Subversion 7″, Vancouver’s Tough Age decided to release their half of it anyway, and as usual it’s all kind of killer. Thunderous keys and the band’s fun, laid-back brand of rock make me wish this could be in a Bubble Tape commercial. –MT

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