Review – “Forever” – Loving Yourself Means Everything

foreverreviewed by Jack Derricourt

Loving Yourself Means Everything is the most real fucking band name I’ve ever seen in my life.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, the Montreal band’s new release — out on a pretty purple cassette — is everything to love about intimate recording and classic song structures. Forever is only five tracks long, apparently.

The EP stacks up drums, guitar, bass, synth, and grunge-ish vocals. The kinds of sounds that I expect to hear from Vancouver or Edmonton more often these days suddenly have a Montreal twist — most notably coming through the video game tones of the synthesizer.

For me, “Leaves” and “Whine” are the strongest songs on the EP. Both show how white heat punk rock a band like LYME can be. Other tracks like opener “Hot” toe the line of driving pop introspection. But to end the album on such a heavily distorted guitar line, repeating the album title over and over again at the end of “Whine,” it’s beautiful!

Pretty purple cassette, pretty mp3s stored away somewhere in the circuits of your device, this album will sing true to anyone happy to give it a listen. Try it out, Forever.

Top Tracks: “Leaves” ; “Whine”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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