Review – “Reversing Falls 2” – Reversing Falls

a0843707263_10reviewed by Laura Stanley

One of my first reviews for the blog was of a single that Reversing Falls put out in 2011 so I approached the Montreal band’s second LP, appropriately and simply entitled Reversing Falls 2, with some nostalgia. It turns out that the nostalgia that I brought to the album was not entirely misplaced as the band themselves seem to be deep in a rut of remembrance.

At its core, Reversing Falls 2 is a caustic flurry of often drug or alcohol induced remembering. In nine tracks, the acid spilt from lead singer Tyler Crawford’s tongue tells tales of regret, lost lovers, and self-loathing. In “Never Let You Go,” the repetition of “I never should have let you go” or “been trying to disappear for years now/hasn’t gone so well/I got nowhere to go” in “Disappear” show the misery that stalks the record.

To escape the hell that remembering usually is, Reversing Falls mask their memories in heaps of fuzz – there’s not a clear sounding moment in the album! The whining guitar in the background of “Wasted Again” is like that shrill voice in the back of your head urging you to get your shit together. The mantra like deliver of “straighten up” in “This Is Why” is accompanied by equally determined guitar strokes and the instrumental hiss of “Whisper” is about as soft spoken as the snow on your tv turned up to full blast.

But without a doubt, Reversing Falls 2 is not a downer record. Each track is pumped full of eye-watering sweet poppy melodies and quick guitar riffs. It’s energy levels and deliciousness match that of your first cup of coffee after a long night of drinking. If misery really does loves company, Reversing Falls’ fuzz-pop is just the right companion to their sorrow.

Top Tracks: “Secret Goth” ; “Wasted Again”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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