Review – “Waldeinsamkeit EP” – Pen and Paper

reviewed by Jack Derricourt


Vancouver Island’s Pen and Paper has a tasty little wave for you: Waldeinsamkeit EP isn’t a fifty foot giant, crashing with white water and skull-crushing force — it’s more of a tight, sheer pipeline cruising through the mind with rigid possibility. The water’s everywhere, and you’re in the thick of it. The name of the album is “the feeling of woodland solitude” after all.

The three tracks offered up by P & P are experimental acts of repetition, found sound, and space. Opener “Clandestine” broadcasts the mood of the sea, with lilting psych guitar echoes and little chirping sea shells, only to be overcome with heavily mechanized whirrings and melodic heavy-handedness. The second track “Fragile Air” follows similar tracks of carved diversity of sound: rotating speaker noises give rise to mystic notes by guitar and vocals, then fade out to white noise wrought from the earth. ‘Dead Salmon” finishes things off. A gong of sweeping sound ushers itself across the flickers of guitar like water rushing down a mountain pass, cascading in cold air. Every piece of the EP feels on its own and interconnected, vital and isolated at the same time.

It’s not often you see “Headphones recommended” plastered at the bottom of someone’s bandcamp. Then again, everything about Waldeinsamkeit EP is a little different. Take in the tones, and see if you like em like I did.

Top Track: “Clandestine”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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