Review – “In Vain” – Vulva Culture

a1427135371_10reviewed by Laura Stanley

Vulva Culture’s lethargic lamentations were brought to my attention earlier this year when they released a split tour EP with fellow Halgonians and feelers of sadness, Mauno. Vulva Culture’s weariness is immediately familiar and unfortunately relatable. It is music that’s best listened to lying very still while entranced by a cracked ceiling. The soundtrack to becoming one with a bed, couch, or floor.

The plodding, warped guitar notes of opener “Phantom Limb” suitably numbs listeners in preparation for the rest of In Vain. Amy Vinnedge murmurs the rapid thoughts coursing through the brains of the otherwise listless before sinking lower: “Can you hear me? Can you see me? Can you feel me? Am I here at all?”

Whispers of more pain (“Bloody”) come next followed by the millennial-ripe, self-pity jargon of “Human Garbage” – a track that’s worth much more than its title would suggest. To end, night has arrived but there’s no natural wonder (“Supermoon”) to see – there’s too much cloud coverage. The instrumentals have gotten thicker and the vocals are now nearly indistinguishable. The only recognizable growth is that of the mooning and sadness that’s been ongoing all day.

If you’re looking for a blanket to wrap you and your misery in, then listening to Vulva Culture’s EP will not be in vain.

Top Track: “Human Garbage”

RatingStrong Hoot (Good)

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