Audible Hoots: Merival, Rae Spoon, The Switches and more


“A Better Deal” – Merival

Self-described “mystical dirtbag” Merival (Anna Horvath) gives us a gorgeous preview of her forthcoming EP Lovers with “A Better Deal.” Merival’s seemingly all knowing voice floats amongst a spacious folk soundscape that twinkles from a roving piano melody. The effect is not unlike the snowy scene Merival sets in her track.

– Laura Stanley

“Deep Sea” – The Most Loyal

This fluid folk tune from this Toronto outfit apparently details three of Sarah Davignon’s most vivid dreams. Though not all of the subjects are cheery, it’s easy to talk solace in the beautiful guitar and lyrics referencing the most gorgeous offerings that nature can give us.

Michael Thomas

Soft Violence – Soft Violence 

The Facebook page of the new project Soft Violence by Edmonton’s Liam Faucher describes his music better than I can: “The name reflects the sound.” The project’s first two songs “Atlantis” and “Silhouettes” are melancholic piano-led songs that both sound incredibly gentle but have a brutal emotional force behind them. A bit like We Are The City more so like fellow Albertans Boreal Sons, Soft Violence is an emotional experience and a band to watch out for in 2016.  

– LS

“I Hear Them Calling” – Rae Spoon

The inspirational Rae Spoon’s latest album, Armour, is coming out in Feburary, but until then we’ve got their first cut. The groovy synth-and-bass-driven “I Hear Them Calling” soars thanks to Spoon’s powerful vocals, and it occasionally threatens to go into a full-on freakout. It teeters wonderfully between oblivion and order.


“Spinning Out” – The Switches 

If I was less inclined to ramble I’d leave a line of this emoji as my blurb on the latest track from Edmonton’s The Switches but: The pop-punkers have temporarily (and thankfully) ditched their hiatus and treat us with a new EP All My Darlings“Spinning Out,” the EP’s first cut, is a three-ish minute glimpse of the whirling chaos that life often is and manages to find a satisfying rhythm within it.

– LS 

“Submerged” – Perfect Dark

Though the band’s name might bring to mind a pretty great first-person shooter, think of the band name more in terms of how much darkness it produces. “Submerged” slinks into the depths with gloomy guitar chords, drum machine and a backing of heavy synth. So many different genres are being mixed here that Perfect Dark may have created a style of music that’s wholly their own.


“2AM” – Rolla Olak

Speaking of genre fusion, Rolla Olak will be releasing a new record early next year and is already intriguing us with this folk tune with an electronic underpinning. It’s as though Rolla Olak wants to be both a troubadour and Chad Van Gaalen at the same time and we couldn’t be more excited to hear what this sound like on a full album.


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