Review – “Zoo du Québec” – Moss Lime

zoo du quebecreviewed by Michael Thomas

It always seems to be the music that is the least affected that turns out to be the most disarming. Moss Lime, in theory, don’t have a lot of parts to their surprisingly poignant surf-rock-esque music. They sing about (at least on this “mini-LP”) subjects as random as kale, cookies and comfy shoes. Their melodies are little more than angular guitar, muted percussion and driving bass.

But altogether, they add up to something enchanting. The music will make you feel like you’re in a fever, and then the lyrics will pop up out of nowhere and get you thinking.

Take a song like “Kettle,” which features wailing guitars as the opening lyrics appear as a bizarre demand: “Will you put a few more words in your sentences?” But as it moves on, the refrain asks “Why why why can’t can’t can’t you be nice?”

Amid its almost-psychedelic guitar, “Comfy Cotton Shoes” says “I’m gonna kill it tomorrow when I get my healthcare” before the band members harmonize as they repeat the song’s title. “Dream Boat” is appropriately dreamy with its shimmering vocals, and it switches between rapid-fire verses and slower choruses, before finally slowing down the lyrics to be able to discern phrases like “Take your pants off let’s go swimming.”

Perhaps the best song of the bunch is “Bottom Feeder,” which questions how far friendship can go when we replace real conversations with those online.”Let’s pretend we hate what we ate, but we didn’t/It was delicious, but I’m suspicious,” seems cryptic and extra descriptive at the same time.

It’s really hard to articulate why Zoo du Québec is so poignant. Perhaps they’re just singing our thoughts deep down.

Top Track: “Bottom Feeder”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) + *swoop*

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