Review – “Cassiopeia” – Future States

a2692375392_16reviewed by Laura Stanley 

We can see the future everyday. It’s in our technology, urban development, natural preservation, the choices we make, and our politicians’ choices. But what does it sound like? To Montreal band Future States it’s not as harsh as you may think. By the sounds of their second EP Cassiopeia, they predict a return to wide-open spaces that soften society’s cries. Individualism is praised, and, as a result, there is beauty in its complexion and coherence in its cacophony. 

Future State’s capture their sonic prophesies live off the floor of member David Lacalamita’s cottage. These live takes allow for uninhibited transmissions from the past, present, and future and for their ambient/experimental pop-rock to transcend these boundaries: Regret’s light touches are felt in “Get Some Rest” (lyrically reminiscent of Wilco’s “Hate it Here”), the anxiety in the everyday stretches throughout the many movements of the standout “Troubled Minds” and the frantic pop sounds of “Good Luck” are like a send-off to an unknown location.

In all, this recording space is very much like an instrument itself in the EP. You can hear the ease it’s already starting to bring at the beginning of “Troubled Minds,” it’s a place to star gaze (as evident through “Mamma Bear” and the EP’s title), and, more importantly, has helped the band explore a deeper consciousness and make an EP that’s sizeable proof the future won’t be that bad.

Look up, way up, at the truth unknown and let Future States be your guide.

Top Track: “Trouble Minds”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)


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