Review – “Caviar” – Faux Cults

a0404565615_16reviewed by Laura Stanley

Faux Cults are obedient to their own rhythms and laws and to no one else. They won’t even adhere to all the requirements needed to be a zombie (eating brains) but yet become one anyway in the standout, extra-sludgy “Zombie.” The self-described “four neurotic losers” of the band, who also spend their time in The Lonely Parade and Beef Boys, draft a hurried cyclorama in Caviar that’s made by distortion-thick strokes fraught with anxiety and angst.

On “If You Knew,” Faux Cults sing the reason for Caviar: “Nothing’s wrong if I don’t sing/something’s wrong inside, I know.” It would seem that when these four are not playing music, their troubles can be bottled up but as soon as an instrument is in hand or they’re surrounded by that murky, stale air of a jam space, all their feverish desires come pouring out. This uncontrollable emotion explains the hasty, sloppy, but delicious instrumentation that floods the EP  – there’s no time for thought, just action.

In opener “Love Song,” Faux Cults try to suppress unwelcome sentimental feelings under a thick, fuzzy blanket of instrumentals. By the next track “Homecoming,” they’ve gotten itchy, kicked off this blanket and exchanged it for a frantic run as they look to to escape the gurgling fish tank they call home.

Giving a little background to the emotions of the EP’s first four tracks are the EP’s last three, and older, tracks which Faux Cults have dusted off for our listening pleasure. Highlighted by the forlorn “Hey Nicki,” a mess of grief that’s as clear as the head of the lead singer following Nicki’s departure, it’s pretty clear why the band’s new songs sound the way that they do.

Don’t be fooled by its title, Caviar is no appetizer, it’s got the sustenance of a main course. 

Top Track: “Zombie”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)


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