Review – “Soaked in Gold” – Geoffroy

geoffroy-cover-f-3000x3000-72dpi_low-1446587984reviewed by Laura Stanley

2015 has been a hot year for hot acts from Montreal. Hell, every year is a hot year for Montreal music! But this year we saw acts like Milk & Bone, Laura Sauvage, Look Vibrant and so many other Montreal-based Anglophone bands put out strong music that’s in line with the hottest trends in music right now and add their own little unique flairs. And now we can add Geoffroy to that list.

Geoffroy Sauvé’s EP Soaked in Gold is a sexy debut that’s washed with light electronics and is very much in tune with contemporary soulful electro-pop excellence. Geoffroy’s heart beats loud in this EP – it is the electronic beat that’s constantly throbbing in the background, its flutters are the delicious bass flourishes. The result is a recording that goes straight to your heart; its tender touches sync to your own ardent pulsations.

Though they both glisten in their own right, “You Say” and “Shakes” are soaked in love. Despite their cool exterior, there’s nothing chill about either of these songs as Geoffroy is satisfyingly upfront with letting his muse know that he’s there for them and in love. Whether or not this love is returned is up for debate though; in “You Say,” Geoffroy croons, “I’ll go blind if I have to, if that’s what it takes to make you understand” but then seems to just be waiting to hear if his love will be returned while in “Shakes” Geoffroy shivers with pleasure, and is likewise reciprocated, but if something more is at play here, it’s lost in every cry of his name.

Reminiscent of Chet Faker’s own golden number, “Soaked in Gold” is undoubtably a huge hit. The synth and electronic beat is very cushy and Geoffroy’s voice dangles above it for a song that translates from earbuds to speakers, from the bedroom to the dance floor – all that you can hope to accomplish when experimenting with this genre.

Geoffroy shows listeners that all that glitters sometimes is gold.

Top Track: “Soaked in Gold”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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