Review – “Victoria Park” – Fog Lake

victoria parkreviewed by Jack Derricourt

Fog Lake, from St. John’s write healing music. I don’t know if you believe that music can make a bad day good, but it’s undeniable that true grooves drill into the soul and fill it up with feeling. That’s the kind of idea that Victoria Park operates under.

The park itself is probably one of the most picturesque places in Newfoundland and Labrador, just so you know.

Bedroom lo-fi delights abound: echoing piano, moaning and lilting vocal parts, synthesizers, and incidental sound foliage. All the good stuff and more! Reminders of Broadcast are to be found among the broken bottle pop sounds. Every track is a small universe within itself, but a tone of longing fills every piece of the larger puzzle. The finale “Dog Years” is the only track over three minutes, lending Victoria Park a microcosmic inventiveness.

Tracks for the deep-hearted children of the internet: “Bury My Dead Horses” is the kind of song-as-last-will-and-testament that everyone yearns for on cold Sundays with nothing on tv; the shaky drums and hefty strings on “Antidote” are high pleasures not to be missed; the title track tells a story, but the sound of the track is the real dream at work at the heart of the album; the Phil Spector drum and tambo work on “Running Out Fast” is exquisite; and “Disposable Comatose” is like every drunk night on the bus you’ve ever experienced.

This album hypes the nostalgia in your veins, makes you richer than you want to believe — harvesting all those feels and frost-bitten memories to bring them out fresh like a spring sneeze. What I’m trying to say is Victoria Park by Fog Lake is a fresh take on so many wonderful things you’ve heard before. Take it out with you for a stroll, and let its waves of sound lap into your mind, and drift away.

Top Track: “Bury My Dead Horses”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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