Review – “Forever” – Bueller

a1979756579_16reviewed by Laura Stanley

The most quotable, arguably, moment from John Hughes’ classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off reads: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

It would seem that Toronto’s Bueller have stopped to looked around but didn’t like what they saw: impossible beauty standards, loneliness, death. In response to these miseries, the pop-punk quartet have taken it upon themselves to do their part in ridding the world of gloom by attacking it with high-energy positivity. 

In four songs, clocking in at about eight minutes, Bueller’s attack on unhappiness begins and ends with scuzzy guitar chords, reckless drumming, and gang (it’s best to stick with friends in such troubled times) vocals. Though they never stray from this combo, there’s enough attitude present to make each song sound fresh. 

“Beach Bod” and “Bleach Blonde” share similar views when it comes to body positivity. In EP highlight “Beach Bod,” Bueller blasts body-judgers with a riotous celebration of summertime fun that makes it known, “every(body)’s looking good at the beach.” Amping up this sprit, the band carries their beach party over to the following track “Bleach Blonde,” this time celebrating self-sufficiency and self-care, a change in hair style can go a long way, and passionately singing, “Now that I’m blonde, I don’t need you anymore”

In “Jody” and “Jerome,” Bueller spread their optimism outwards. In their ode to friend/partner “Jody,” the band is so thrilled by this partnership that they believe they’ll live forever (a one point “forever” is delivered in that drawn-out way they say it in The Sandlot) and in turn, never having to be alone. Although “Jerome,” deals with the loss of a dog and admits to missing “your barking at the door,” Bueller copes with this sadness with an ease, repeating “I know you’re chillin’ in heaven,” coming to terms with loss in the cool and positive way the band excels at.

Top Track: “Beach Bod”

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)

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