Andrew Lee (Holy Hum) announces collab with Stephen Carl O’Shea, new record label

midnight musicAndrew Lee has for the past little while steadily been releasing music as Holy Hum, but he’s now going to be a lot busier:  he’s not only launching a new label, Heavy Lark, but he’s also announced a collaborative album with Stephen Carl O’Shea (You Say Party).

The collaboration with O’Shea will be called Midnight Music, consisting of four songs. As the two describe it:

With Midnight Music the ambience and ephemeral elements of mood are combined with fuzzed out, lo fi and dancy rhythm. Drawing inspiration from the cave-like jam spaces in which it was composed these 4 tracks are titled with names of caves from Canada and their respective heritages of Korea and Ireland. The album guides the listener through an experience perfect for long walks at night. Midnight Music is collaboration as it was intended to be; an exploration of the process through friendship and mutual respect for one another.

The four tracks are as follows:

1.  Cadomin (4:38)
2. Hwanseon (11:13)
3. Upana (6:30)
4.  Killavullen (8:07)

Midnight Music will be the first release on Heavy Lark, which Lee describes as both a label and a project space. While it will release music primarily, down the road Lee hopes to launch books and prints as well.

To celebrate the new album and label, Holy Hum + Stephen Carl O’Shea have released a video for “Upana,” featuring 360-degree technology for an experience as breathtaking as the music these two create:

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