Review – “Either Way” – Sure

reviewed by Jack Derricourt


Either Way by Victoria’s Sure sounds like an indie rock classic. Just the production alone makes me want to play this album over and over again. Nothing sounds high budget, but all of the hours of work and meticulous noodling of parts and arrangements is so obvious. This album sounds like everything that was good and golden about albums made in basements and apartments in the 80s.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s pop tones buzzing all over this thing. The lyrics invite some pretty sympathetic ears: songs pertaining to living in parental basements and watching too much Netflix abound, which is both extremely satisfying and slightly depressing at the same time — I’m looking at you “Melancholy and the Infinite Party.” It’s a moody record, but in the best way; little flecks of pop punk colour dissonant guitar work and really tasteful drum work.

There are lots of neat little surprises on these recordings, like the Dinosaur Jr. sounds of “Oh Yeah, Tell Me About Your Dreams,” the most straight ahead song on the record, which takes many power pop diversions on the road to verse chorus verse. Or the almost severely quiet “Probably Not,” Sure’s answer to “Definitely Maybe.”

“Pretty Much” is an interesting closer. Electric guitar and vocal only for the majority of the track, the thoughtful words the star of the show. Ennui and the death of the 90s eternal flame vibes, it’s a beautiful death. And the space left lacking drums, until the final seconds that is, is the loudest sound on the entire record.

And so it goes. Sure. Why not?

Top Track: “Melancholy and the Infinite Party”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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