Audible Hoots: Astronauts, Bobby Uzoma, Pink Acid Wash & more


“I Am Gone” – RENDERS

After Kelly McMichael released the epic Josh Donaldson tribute single “Josh,” her first official RENDERS single is getting us dancing already. Drawing from the all-too-short-lived synth-pop group Rouge and with Paradise Animals’ Mark Andrade as a producer, “I Am Gone” is a slick, lush synth-jam to sway along to. McMichael’s vocals will guide you through the journey.

Michael Thomas

“Rockin’ Rolla” – Astronauts

Calgary’s Astronauts are here to funk up your life. “Rockin’ Rolla” is a mellow, chilled, smooth, and other synonyms for a cooool track. Some great bass work and an easy melody top it off.

– Laura Stanley 

“Pacific Beach” – Pink Acid Wash

You know those montages in 80s teen movies where everyone races around in a car and picks up their friends for a fun day at the beach? That’s kind of what this song feels like, though a hell of a lot more raucous. Shredding guitar makes this beach-alluding song firing on all cylinders from start to finish, and it’s even got an essentially Canadian twist. The chorus starts with “If you don’t want to go, I can leave you alone.” How polite is that?

– MT

“Idioglossia” – Bobby Uzoma

Remember last time when we freaked out about Bobby Uzoma? Well, cue encore. Uzoma’s latest track “Idioglossia” (meaning a language invented and spoken by only one person) is a lush, sprawling dream; a slow jam for the ages. As synths swells and a light electronic beat dances, Uzoma asks, with confusion and hope dripping in his voice, “have I lost my baby?” Although each repetition of the question is like a new punch in the gut, you’ll want it over and over again.  

– LS

“Lonely” & “POETRY (OF INTUITION)” – Maylee Todd

The first new music in quite a while from Maylee Todd is quintessential Maylee Todd: catchy as hell, makes you want to dance, and featuring actual dancing. Though this new music is a lot more electronic than the 60s-soul-indebted Escapology, it feels like a natural extension of Todd’s very physical music. The video is just as hypnotic as the song, featuring a dance by Minae Omi.

Just today, Todd posted another new song, “POETRY (OF INTUITION),” a more subdued, lullaby-ish number backed by a drum machine and synths. If “Lonely” was about pining for something, then “POETRY” is about having too much of something. “We’ve exhausted a conversation” is the key line, followed shortly by “It seems we just expired in every way.” It’s quite the beautiful breakup song.


“Spirit Wakes” – PTARMIGAN

Despite its ghostly title, “Spirit Wakes” is a very full song. Guitars dazzle and voices dance as PTARMIGAN charge ahead with a powerful purpose to rouse you from slumber and reinvigorate your own spirit. Watch out for their new LP in early 2016!

– LS

“Rain” – LeRiche

This Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland artist seems primed and ready for big things if this brilliant first single is anything to go by. Featuring delicate finger-picking, gorgeous string arrangements and LeRiche’s soulful vocals—not to mention real rain caught on the microphone—it’s the perfect blend of relaxing and thrilling.


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