Review – “Americana Submarine” – Laura Sauvage

reviewed by Laura Stanley

In a gust of attitude and charm, Americana Submarine blows by. Laura Sauvage is Vivianne Roy’s (Les Hay Babies) anglophone solo project and though Americana Submarine is cut from the same cloth as Les Hay Babies’ releases, this EP is from that cloth’s frayed edges.  

Americana Submarine is not trying to please anyone in its scruffy, no-fucks-left-to-give attitude but of course it does. Perhaps NO fucks is a little much because Roy does dabble in self-pity (“The Avalanche”) and even a tiny bit of remorse (“You Think I’m Cruel”) but lyrically and instrumentally, the EP exudes so much confidence that it’s littered with the deep footprints Roy’s made by her struts.

The light pop touches of “The Avalanche” floods the track with a charisma that’s irresistible while the heavy guitar distortion adds the right touch of grime to “Subway Station.” The all too short (under two minutes) closer “Dirty Ways To Make Your Money” is a blistering little number and the only song that instrumentally matches Roy’s boldness before abruptly casting the EP off into the unknown

Another great track, “You Think I’m Cruel” is an acoustic affair, bordering on a classic country sound, and moment of quiet meditation on a failed relationship. Roy delivers a blow by blow report of everything that went wrong in poetic excellence – highlighted by this powerhouse of a line: “Mirages of lust killed your trust, I promise you’ll get over it one day.”

It’s unlikely though you’ll get over Americana Submarine anytime soon.

Top Tracks: 
“You Think I’m Cruel”; “Dirty Ways To Make Your Money”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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