Premiere: Téléphone Maison – “Praesagium”

praesagiumIf you’re one of those people who could stare at an aquarium for hours, have we got a treat for you. Téléphone Maison previously impressed us with his Toujours Partout tape, and he’s about to resurface with a new recording, Translucidopathe, out on Port Vanderlay today. He’ll be celebrating the album with a double-release party today at Montreal’s La Plante alongside Michael Cota, who will be releasing Branches.

In the meantime, travel down to the depths of an abstract ocean with Téléphone Maison’s video for “Praesagium,” which Grayowl Point is proud to premiere. The word means a sense of foreboding or a premonition, and the eerie guitars, ghostly vocals and shuffling percussion make it the ideal soundtrack over footage of the water and a slew of abstract colours and shapes. By the four-minute mark the video looks like an episode of ReBoot gone haywire, but it slowly pulls itself back into the water. As Téléphone Maison explained to Grayowl Point:

“Scuba diving is something I could never do, it’s a shame. I’m a real bad swimmer and I profoundly dislike not being surrounded by air constantly, but everything down there is so beautiful and full of color. Then the dark globe emerges from between your eyebrows. What do you do? Shall you swim with it? Do you want to check how it feels to have your hand immersed in it? Do you have enough air? It’s a pretty cool badtrip. You come to term with the fact it will never stop, but at least you know that in the end, your visions cannot affect you unless you decide they do. If life was to shit in your plate, wouldn’t you want to season it a little?”

Start your journey with the video below.

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