Audible/Visual Hoots: Fitness Club Fiasco, Phèdre, Paradise Animals and more

Paradise Animals (Photo by Galit Yael Rodan)
Paradise Animals (Photo by Galit Yael Rodan)

Fitness Club Fiasco – “Resurrection Body”

Fitness Club Fiasco have been through a lot in the past few years—its members have had major surgeries, one became the mayor of Guelph, and they released the celebratory Modern Thoughts. The heavier, guitar-filled “Resurrection Body” got a glitchy video treatment courtesy of Jakub Blank in Charlotte, NC and the gloomy black-and-white backdrop helps add to its twitchy mystery.

Michael Thomas

Good Kid – “Nomu”

Good Kid’s “Nomu” is the remedy for your recently developed (thanks Fall back!) S.A.D.  “Nomu” explodes with energy and sparkles with a pop melody and lead singer Nick Frosst’s sharp-tongue. Good things are sure to come for Good Kid.

– Laura Stanley

Phèdre – “Tivoli”

Do not adjust your screens—you are just watching one of the most unnerving videos of the past little while. Daniel Lee and April Aliermo are back with a warped new song with vocals so twisted it’s like the group has evolved yet again. The accompanying visuals are flashes of the masked/restrained group members as they roll around on beaches, mountains and city streets. Don’t even try to make sense of it, just accept it.


Look Vibrant – “Callous Reaction”

Montreal duo Look Vibrant go way outside the usual perimeters of what we call ghostly in their video for “Callous Reaction.” To the tune of Look Vibrant’s brilliantly bubbly pop, three young ghosts get up to stereotypical (running through malls, playing bumper-cars, breaking stuff) pre-teen/teenage shenanigans until one ghost goes rogue and reveals his corporeal identity much to the dismay of the others. To comeback from the dead is quite the accomplishment – you go little man!

– LS

Paradise Animals – “Monday Morning”

Appropriately released on a Monday morning, this marks the return of blog favourites Paradise Animals, who will soon be releasing their first full-length. If you’ve got a bad case of the Mondays, this gentle, groovy, synth-driven number will give you the energy to go on. It’s hard not to get pumped up with lyrics like “This will be your best day.” Free download as well. What a Monday morning treat!


Old Man Canyon – “Back To The Start”

Old Man Canyon aka Jett Pace really has gone back to the beginning on the first single from his anticipated debut LP (out next year). “Back To The Start” finds Pace reinventing himself by trading in the folk-pop soundscapes heard on his debut EP for the synth-dream-pop world. What remains the same is Pace’s knack for writing catchy pop-hooks.

– LS

Animalia – “Little Earth”

Animalia’s vocals-driven, in-your-face electronica and powerful performances have kept her on our radar for some time, and now she’s set to release a new album, (dissonance), out early next year. Her first single is as powerful as ever, with warped vocals ushering us back into her world before they soar with some synth backing.


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