Halloween Hoots: Ghosts! Monsters! Owls!

Source: http://tudorkatots.org/costume-swap-costume-swap-costume-swap/
Source: http://tudorkatots.org/costume-swap-costume-swap-costume-swap/

Are you sick and tired of listening to the same old songs every Halloween? Yeah, yeah, who doesn’t love “Thriller” and “Monster Mash” but playing them all night long is a bore. To cure this boredom and make your halloween party and/or taking your kids trick-or-treating easier or to provide you with a soundtrack while you sit in the dark hiding from the trick-or-treaters knocking at your door, we’ve rounded up the spookiest songs this country has to offer.

And for those who dare, listen to our Hall’owl’een playlist below via Spotify featuring most of these scaaaary songs:

Timber Timbre – “Run From Me”

Pretty much 95 percent of Timber Timbre’s catalogue can be considered spooky, but nothing is quite as terrifying as “Run From Me.” It forgoes eerie arrangements and amplifies the scariness with a simple piano line and lines like “You’d better run for your life.”

Pat Lepoidevin – “Ghost of Carbisdale Castle”

Pat Lepoidevin was influenced to write this song after learning about the ghosts of Carbisdale Castle in Scotland – which is now a youth hostel – that are said to roam the property.

Elliott BROOD – “Second Son”

This band can be pretty feel-good when it wants to, but here they cast a darker mood of a spurned child who may or may not want revenge.

Pang Attack – “Horses”

One of many chilling songs from Pang Attack, “Horses” is as airy as an apparition and reminds us that death is not always the end.

Feist – “Graveyard”

When Feist chants in the chorus “bring ’em all back to life,” her always outstanding vocal showing convinces you that she may have that power.

Andy Shauf – “The Devil”

A reminder that the devil walks among us, delivered in a way only Andy Shauf can.

Old Haunt – “Get Back Satan”

The sparse, echoing guitar notes and chilling vocals on this track drench it in a shroud of mystery and suspense making it seem that satan could really be just around the corner.

Hayden – “1939”

A ghost story for the ages. If you don’t get chills by its end, maybe you’re a ghost too.

The Holy Gasp – “Mr. Dressup”

Halloween is all about putting on some costumes, and who better to embody that spirit than Mr. Dressup? The Holy Gasp have covered the theme song to the beloved children’s show in the frantic way only they can.


Broken Social Scene – “Romance To The Grave”

If the relationship was meaningful, a little piece of you dies when it ends and it’s very hard to claw your way back to feeling alive again. Perhaps the scariest part of this song is how real the emotions are.

Dead Man’s Bones – “My Body’s a Zombie For You” 

Remember Ryan Gosling’s pretty good band? How could you forget! I think it goes without saying that a lot of people would say their body is a zombie for Gosling.

Jenny Berkel – “Cover My Grave”

At the urging of Jenny Berkel’s all-knowing voice and a haunting cello, you will find yourself lying down in a cemetery.

Her Harbour – “Driftwood to Bones”

All of Her Harbour’s record Winter’s Ghosts will give you goosebumps but the conjuring of “Driftwood to Bones” will downright scare you.

¡FLIST! – “Purify Your Soul”

The provocatively titled Fuck You I’m Dead is pretty nerve-wracking as a whole, and that’s largely based on how aggressively terrifying this opening number is. Prepare to go to hell.

Cold Specks – “Old Knives”

Al Spx got a lot darker on the second Cold Specks album, Neuroplasticity, but few songs quite reach the darkness of “Old Knives,” a song about decapitating a lover. Apparently it’s a love song, so that’s a nice Halloween twist.

Betrayers – “Tombstone Salesman”

Earlier this month Edmonton garage-rockers turned up the spook with the release of their single “Tombstone Salesman” which one of our writers described its guitar sounds as “something the mind will hang onto in the late, vampiric hours of the night, and call up like a twanging deity for consolation and support.”

KASHKA – “Monster Mashup”

Okay, so we are including “Monster Mash” on this playlist, but that’s only because Kat Burns had delightfully mashed it up with Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.” Somehow, it all works.

The Unquiet Grave – “Haunted”

Doom-folk-ers The Unquiet Grave will “frighten the children from your porch at Halloween if you switch it with your tried and tested haunted house sound effects tape.”

Classic UFO Hunter – “Coming to Get Us”

Watch the scariest episode of The X-Files and then throw on electronic space-music duo Classic UFO Hunter. The truth is out there.

Scarlett & Disher – “He Will Kill Again”

All of Scarlett & Disher’s record Nightmare House is perfect for your Halloween hunger but the title track had writer Jack “in fits of trick or treating joy” thanks to its ” blasts of black as night synthesizers, Rocky Horror style verse lyrics, and incredibly layered chorus vocals.”

Chad VanGaalen – “Monster”

Good bodily horror always comes about when someone wakes up changed. The song details the narrator’s physical change into something monstrous, but maybe the monster is in all of us.

Pleasence Records – Sounds of Horror (via ChartAttack)

For a good solid 30+ minutes of terror, look no further than this amazing compilation from the always-excellent Pleasence Records. You’ll be constantly asking yourself “What the hell is going on?” as you’re exposed to creepiness from the likes of New Fries, Manmade Hill, Gatekeeper and a billion others.


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