Premiere: Autumn Still – “When It Was”

autumn still farm pic 2
Autumn Still

When I reviewed Autumn Still’s self-titled EP back in January, I spoke of the calmness that filled their simple folk-pop songs. In less than a year’s time the Winnipeg band are back with a debut LP that, for the most part, forgoes this earlier hushed soundscape. In its place is bolder instrumentation, lots more energy, and a huge dose of confidence.

In their ongoing exploration of “the lump in the throat and the pit of the stomach”, the band’s founding mission, Autumn Still utilize a beefed-up guitar section, add synths to their repertoire, and craft pop melodies that make their emotional examinations very easy to enjoy. Bethany Swanson’s voice shines amongst the steady beat of the opener “And If You’re Leaving Me” while “Lights Out Before The Dawn” grows to one of Autumn Still’s most emotional epics. The playful groove of the energized lead single “The Accused” also excels at showing off this fresh side of the band.

Throw on a cozy sweater, watch the leaves fall, and take in When It Was. After all, it’s autumn still.

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