Review – “Window To Nowhere” – Andre Chrys

11850740_1101943613169055_6871352857209405970_oreviewed by Anna Alger

Exuberant fiddle, frequent organ playing, and bruised vocals transport listeners to the world of Andre Chrys: one that exists outside the confines of time. Having taken years to cultivate his songwriting, this development is evident in the songs on his new record, Window To Nowhere.

Laid back guitars and vaguely menacing lyrics define the sound of “Get Away With It,” reminiscent of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – although not as dark. His lyrics speak of a character who is shy and understated, “hiding in the shadows, covering [his] tracks. They’ve taken [him] for granted, so [he’s] taking it all back.” Sweet backing vocals juxtapose the slightly harsh tones of Chrys’ voice. The songs on Window To Nowhere have somewhat of an old fashioned, almost timeless feeling to them, accentuated by Chrys’ choice of instrumentation – “The Velvet Rut,” for example, features pained fiddle accents, articulating “[feeling] like you’re bleeding from a thousand tiny cuts.” The desperation of his character is evident in Chrys’ voice as he strains to reach the higher notes.

The down tempo slow burner, “Love Don’t Understand,” proves a highlight of the record, blending a classic sentiment with moody guitar and organ accompaniment. Window To Nowhere loses some momentum during “Don’t Disappear On Me,” an understated number with similar lyrical content to “Love Don’t Understand.” The rollicking title track showcases Chrys’ ability to create a lively song about a destitute situation.

On Window To Nowhere, Andre Chrys combines forlorn themes with roots rock tunes, giving listeners a peek into his world: one full of perseverance and an emphasis on crafting honest, well written songs that capture the struggle of just getting by.

Window To Nowhere is available via iTunes and CD Baby.

Top Tracks: “Get Away With It,” “The Benefit of the Doubt”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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