Audible/Visual Hoots: Bobby Uzoma, Fog Lake, Derrival & more

Bobby Uzoma
Bobby Uzoma

“Sleeve” – Bobby Uzoma

Every once in a while you hear a good song. Less frequently, a great song. Even less frequently than that, you get a song like “Sleeve.” This Calgary artist’s first single is the most jaw-dropping song we’ve encountered all year. At the forefront is Uzoma’s huge voice — and the lo-fi synths only help to augment his vocals eerily reminiscent of Sam Smith. Trust us, we do not make this comparison this lightly. Is he the next Smith? The Weeknd? Polaris winner? The sky is the goddamn limit.

Michael Thomas

“Romanticized” – Derrival 

There’s actually a lot to romanticize about Derrival. Not meaning to describe the Fort Langley B.C. band as impractical but rather as dreamers, and, in turn, their music as dreamy. “Romanticized,” a cut from their latest EP Departure & Arrival, is a heady combination of synths and moveable, guitar-driven, melodies. Its lush electricity charges it with power. Take a big breath and take it all in, as the band sings.

– Laura Stanley

“Shanty Town” – Fog Lake

One-man-band Fog Lake (Aaron Powell) is an act few people can get enough of—his lo-fi, dreamy songs are easy to latch onto. His latest video (directed by Tyler T. Williams) perfectly fits the Fog Lake atmosphere, as a man wanders through a field. Flashes of Christmas, a race and much more intersperse his walk, but are they memories or something else? The ending only adds more to the mystery.


“Lemonlime” – Smokes

Every so often Montreal’s Smokes comes along with a new song that scorches our eardrums. And each release seems to only get hotter. In their strongest song to date, “Lemonlime” bubbles with anger as Nick Maas and co. let loose amongst a riotous, violin-punctured soundscape.

– LS 

“Vegvisir” – Denique

When Denique packed up and moved from Fall River, NS to Iceland, it was clear he was head over heels for the country—naturally it’s the star in his new video for “Vegvisir.” The thoroughly danceable synth-driven song features some gorgeous scenery and lots of Denique’s interpretive dancing.


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