Audible/Visual Hoots: Myles From Home, James Hoffman, Lemon., & more

Myles from Home Photo: Andrew Assaf
Myles from Home
Photo: Andrew Assaf

Po Lazarus – “Will You Be My Baby”

Like the many, many pop-rock songs about lust before it, “Will You Be My Baby” is fun and easy to listen to. It’s good. But when as the song hits the bridge, “Will You Be My Baby” gets a second life. Following a smooth ‘n’ soulful bridge, Po Lazarus gets more determined and confident. Lead singer Joshua Carey growls most of the final verse, including this cocky line, “Now picture this, I’m with the homies in the summer’s bliss, I was just trying to take a piss,” and, with the whole song hinging on it, seems to finally ask “will you be my baby?”

– Laura Stanley

Lemon. – “Your Friends (Interlude)”

This Toronto songwriter/producer will fill your craving for some R&B-inspired slow jams. Slick electronic, slow-burning production and Lemon.’s slightly breathy vocals make this the perfect song to chill out to.

Michael Thomas

Myles From Home – “The Girl Next Door” 

Myles just has one of those voices. It’s an offspring from the “classic” era of rock when amps were stacked on amps and the louder you sang, the harder you rocked. Though the Linden, Manitoba native channels his inner rock god, as heard from the songs in his Cafe Sessions, he does so quietly amongst folk-rock instrumentation. Conceding, “there’s been so many songs about the girl next door,” Myles finds himself crushing on his neighbour and fighting the same war so many have done before, in the melodious “The Girl Next Door.”


James Hoffman – “To Hear You Again”

Other Songs Music Co. has basically cornered the market on beautiful folk music, so it makes perfect sense that James Hoffman’s upcoming Fault Lines album will be on its release list. This first single features some beautiful banjo backing up the leisurely acoustic guitar, all dressings to Hoffman’s gentle vocals.


Plumes – “The Holdup” 

Back in 2012, Montreal orchestral-pop band Plumes wowed us with their rich self-titled record. After witnessing an act of police brutality while living in New York, Plumes’ Veronica Charnley wrote “The Holdup” which appeared on Plumes. Using footage from the 2001 G8 protests in Genoa, the video, by Jérémie Guillemin with Anne Elisabeth de Cologne, is a moving and topically reflection of how those meant to protect do not protect all.

– LS

Colour Wheel – “Penny on the Rise”

Amid static and guitars, 90s-indebted Colour Wheel are making their first impression with this solo-licious offering from their album Losing Streak, out later this fall. It will only take only one listen to get the chorus permanently stuck in your head.


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