Review – “ROM-DROM” – Liam Corcoran

LiamCorcoran-Cover-HighResreviewed by Anna Alger

In the wake of Charlottetown’s Two Hours Traffic calling it quits, lead singer Liam Corcoran has been at work on a folkier, alt-country sound. His debut solo offering, ROM-DROM, captures this shift in genre exploration by way of 7 tracks that showcase his growth and integrity as a songwriter.

Languid and twangy, “July-eh, July-oh” opens the album, featuring Corcoran’s sweet vocals over a steady beat and acoustic guitar. It has a classic country feel to it, encouraging the listener to swing along. The melancholy tune is apt, given Corcoran’s wistful lyrics. Similarly downtempo is the following track, “Out of this World,” wherein Corcoran wishes to be wherever his love may be. It is rooted in somber organ chords, piano, and acoustic guitar. “Let it Be Now” is in a major key and has more of an indie folk feeling to it, featuring instrumental flourishes on the piano and pleasant harmonies.

“Thru the Dark” sends the album on more of a country folk road once again, the song featuring downtrodden fiddle and strong vocal harmonies. “Hangover morning, here we come,” Corcoran laments over steady bass. “Side Car Cycle” is a lilting, acoustic guitar led number with wavering organ carrying it forward. The album ends with lullaby, “Catching the Stars.” Intricate guitar lines and Corcoran’s simple, heartfelt lyrics create a perfectly calm atmosphere to close the album.

Liam Corcoran excels at honest, well crafted songwriting on ROM-DROM, while also exploring different sounds as he veers away from the more upbeat, pop structures of Two Hours Traffic. ROM-DROM proves to be a lovely collection of songs that leaves listeners with a feeling of contentment.

Top Track: “Let it Be Now”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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