Review – “Vestige” – Yes We Mystic

reviewed by Laura Stanleya2331094290_16

“You were a pool and I was swimming.”

In this fleeting line, lead singer Adam Fuhr’s last gasp in “Wood Wheel,” we find the summary of Yes We Mystic’s EP Vestige: Cold toes on the edge, lungs fill with air, a terrifying leap, the shock to your system when body hits water, head submerged, everything feels softer. In just two songs Yes We Mystic choose life and reminds us that despite all the crap that gets throw our way, why we do too.  

By matching the songs’ lyrical emotions with cinematic instrumentals, to be submerged by Vestige is blissful. A blend of synth, strings, guitars, percussion, and group vocals, listeners are enveloped by wave after wave of sonic excellence. “Wood Wheel” begins with a clean guitar and some faint synth before an anthemic crescendo. Thanks in part to Fuhr’s cadence, each note feels like a fierce push forward, creating one of the most memorable soundscapes of the year.   

In Vestige’s second half, “The Contest of Strength” is initially much slower than its predecessor but it too eventually grows into a rich entity; not, as the title Vestige suggests, a fragment, but rather a complete  and magnificent song. In the final 45 seconds or so, “The Contest of Strength” whirls into a torrential peak centred around the repetition of  “celebration,” fittingly punch up by some riotous guitar work.

For an extra bonus, if you buy a physical copy you get access to fantastic remixes of these two songs by The Wilderness of Manitoba, Holy Hum, Mark Mills, Andrew Judah, and our pal Doug Hoyer. A celebration indeed.

Top Tracks: Both of ’em!

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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