Premiere: Folks & Pines – “Eyes Have Changed”

folks pinesMontreal’s Folks & Pines give you a pretty good hint in their name of what you can expect. The band of brothers and sisters specialize in fairly no-frills folk, the type that’s perfect for the transition between summer and fall.

On the same day that their new EP Eyes Have Changed is released as the first ever record on Coffee & Keys, Grayowl Point is happy to offer a full stream for your listening pleasure. Alex Rights wrote the first song of the EP a year ago while in Europe, and on returning to Montreal formed the band with his brother, Ted (who wrote the other half of the EP’s songs) and others, who also created the Coffee & Keys later. Alex tells us the band recorded in a country house to capture the “acoustic/wood raw vibe.”

Folks & Pines ease the listener in with two mostly-acoustic numbers, “It’s All Over” and “Argue With You.” before leading to the EP’s single “Smoke in the Air,” which packs more bite with its more complex arrangement, including a touch of keys. “Slow Me Down” is another highlight, with some gentle electric guitar to augment the acoustic and another little splash of keys. It ends with “Time,” which features more vulnerable lead vocals over mostly acoustic guitar to end on an appropriately raw note.

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